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Rene Ricard -The Straw Hat

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Rene Ricard -The Straw Hat

Type: painting on paper
Rene Ricard "The Straw Hat" Measures 20" x 15". Silver paint marker on black board. Museum framed, measures 22.5" x 17.5" inches. Signed and dated lower, 1989. "Why are the biggest men slaves to the smallest girl. How tight can a hole be? All men areLittle girls. Little girls are young men to me. Since I was a kid the strongest guys wanted to be weak for me.I wanted to be protected. But I was always the boss. I once said to him “Don’t call me boy” Now I call him less than once a week. I call him junior. He calls me AP. We both lie. Truth is a lie"

About the Artist: Rene Ricard

Poet, painter, actor, and art critic Rene Ricard grew up in Massachusetts. He moved to New York City when he was 18 after seeing an Andy Warhol painting. Ricard told Interview magazine, “I completely planned out my life looking at that painting.” In New York, Ricard became part of the Warhol Factory scene, appearing in Warhol’s films Kitchen (1965), Chelsea Girls (1966), and, as Warhol himself, in The Andy Warhol Story (1967). He later acted in the neo-punk film Underground U.S.A. (1980).